Studio A

  • Studio A

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Tracking Room

  • Avast Studio A is the tracking room here. The spacious room suits rock production, big bands, large acoustic ensembles, solos, piano combos, classical, choirs, drum tracking, anything that a traditional large recording studio is for! 
    The Yamaha C7 Grand and this room have been a destination for many years. The piano is voiced softer and plays lighter than other C7's; the room supports it along with a band very well.
  • Studio A

Control Room

  • The control room features a beautiful and historic Trident A-Range console. "13 were made, plus a few small ones for the Vatican", as legend goes. We are lucky enough to have #3 here in Seattle. Low frequencies down to the earth, high frequencies to heaven, the mic preamps and equalizers built into this ~1975 gem are a revelation.
    The console is 36 channels, and has been rebuilt from the frame up to be fully working and dependable. Thanks Jay!
    Recording to tape, or recording to Protools, plenty of classic outboard gear and a full array of microphones make your project more than you had imagined.
  • Studio A
  • Studio A offers a large floor area, plus two recording booths and a couple of other places for amplifiers and etc. The room has a noticeable ambience that's very attractive for drums, horns, vocals, etc.
    Headphone mixes are well thought out, either mixed from the control room, or by the artist via a 5-pod Aviom system that allows individual mixes and volume control.